Photoshoot with Jade Samatha 23rd April 2014

This was my third shoot with Jade Samantha, although it has been nearly 2 years since we last worked together. I really must sort myself out as it was over two months ago that we did the shoot and I have only just completed editing the images and only now starting to write the blog. My only excuse is that since I retired from work last November I have yet to get myself into a routine where I am completing the things I want. Saying that since the shoot we spent most of June on a cruise around the Mediterranean and also we have decorated the longue, so maybe I am not doing too badly.
The shoot was arranged to be out at a location I have used many times before, while we had no real ideas for the day it was essentially to be based around a pair of thigh high boots and a leather jacket of Jade Samantha’s.

I had a lot of trouble that day due to it being a very cloudy April day, with lots of breaks in the cloud causing the sun to burst through, so I spent an awful lot of time correcting for the changes in ambient light. I do enjoy the challenge of changes in the light although I have found my current camera restrictive in the dark corners of the buildings I use, due its low ISO Capability. So I have upgraded my Canon 5D MK I to a 5D MKIII and can’t wait to start to experiment with it. I have not rushed to use it on a shoot though until such time as I was confident with it and fully understand the controls and its capabilities, as I think there is nothing worse for the model than the photographer learning how to use his camera on the job.

As I write this blog though, my next shoot will be with the new 5D as I used in on our Mediterranean cruise to get myself fully up to speed with it.

Opps I have digressed and need to get back to talking about the shoot with Jade Samantha. As I was saying it was a challenging shoot due to the changes in light, but I believe we managed very well I am very pleased with the results of using the ambient light and then off camera flash with an umbrella for fill in.

I have included my favourite of the day above, and next bog update regarding shoot with Brioney to follow very shortly.

I nearly forgot but I am going to be exhibiting my work at Sh! Woman's Erotic Emporium at 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB from the 13th July to the end of August.
Special preview opening on Sunday 13th July from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. so why don't come along and say hello