Photoshoot with Painfulparadise 14th March 2014

I did a 2nd shoot with Painfulparadise last month, and it was very much based on the same theme as the first shoot, with regards to her wearing masks and hoods in all the images. We also went to the same location, although this time the weather was a lot kinder to us, as in being a warm sunny spring day.

All the images we created on the day had a fetish theme running through them starting with Painfulparadise tied up and lying on the dirty floor in the building, followed by her being tied standing up.

Then due to the sun coming out we moved out of the building into the wooded area and took some images of Painfulparadise tied between two tree’s, which was a challenge balancing the light of the sun and the flash. Basically every time I got the setup perfect and was about to take the shot, the sun went behind a cloud and I had to quickly change all the setting again, the joys of photography. Saying that though it is this sort of challenge that I thrive on and enjoy, the only time it is not fun is when doing weddings due to time constraints and the pressures of having to get it right.