Photoshoot with PainfulParadise - 22nd November 2013

December is just about over and I have just seen that I have not even done a blog for my shoot with Painfulparadise back in November. I feel a new year’s resolution coming on, must get my blogs completed within two weeks of the actual shoot.

As normal being the cruel photographer that I am, I planned the shoot for outdoors on a freezing cold day.

The theme for the shoot was going to be fetish with mask’s and hoods, so first thing was to dig out the masks and have a little search on Ebay to see what else might be available, but I was surprised to not being able to find any hoods for sale which could be added to my collection, luckily Painfulparadise had a few.

We started off with some simple images of Painfulparadise in just white panties leaning against a wall with the sunshine creating patterns on her skin as it is so low in the sky at this time of year and shone through the trees. I have to say the image I have included above is maybe my favourite of the shoot. Funny how a simple idea just works sometimes.

We then progressed onto various images with Painfulparadise being tied, wearing a tongue gag etc. All the time whilst wearing a hood. Then we progressed onto some shots in the woods outside with Painfulparadise just wearing a mask.

I really enjoyed working with Painfulparadise and am hoping we can book another shoot together early in the New Year.