Photoshoot with Talena_99 - 18th September 2013

I cannot believe that I have not written a blog since June a whole 5 months ago. A lot of you may be aware that I had to take time out from photography as well as my day job due to having a pro lapsed disc in my neck which made it impossible in the end to hold the camera for any length of time. To correct the problem I had to have an operation to cut away the pro lapsed disc and replace it with a synthetic one. I had the operation at the end of July and then needed 3 months to recuperate and let my neck heal, although even now I have to be careful in what and how I lift things.

One positive that came out of this whole thing is I decided to pack in work and take early retirement to leave me more time to focus on my first love photography. So anyone out there who would like to work with me, please feel free to email me.

I was desperate to start shooting again but had no idea how things would go, but luckily for me the lovely Talena_99 volunteered to come to my home studio and be my guinea pig knowing that we may not get past 5 minutes of the shoot. Though in the end I managed an hour before I had to give in and rest my neck. But it told me where I was with the recuperation and I needed to continue to rest for another month and then really get back into the photography in anger.

What I found most amazing was it seems Talena_99 is suffering with the exact same problem and finding it difficult to lift her arm, so I was amazed at some of the positions she managed to get herself into for the shoot.
The shoot was done in the studio and was based around a fetish theme and I have included my favourite shot from the shoot.

Now I am back to shooting properly I owe Talena_99 an outdoor shoot, which I must arrange.

Thanks Talena_99 for being my guinea pig, it is very much appreciated.