Photoshoot with Sami-C - 11th March 2013

I can’t believe it has been four weeks ago that I shot with Sami-C and I have not got around to getting my blog up to date regarding this shoot. So here goes:

I had a specific request regarding a theme for a shoot from a Client who also wanted Sami-C to be the model and I won’t go too much into that theme other than it was on location and once we had finished the theme in question, we went onto to doing a Cinderella themed shoot that I had planned a while ago and just not got around to shooting.

I wanted to have a Victorian looking Cinderella wearing bloomers and white lacy top and have Cinders sweeping up in a derelict building. While the day was absolutely freezing Sami-C was magnificent and worked through the cold without ever complaining. At one point it even started snowing and me being the masochist that I am asked Sami_C to get naked and pose outside in the woodland area with the snow falling around her. This she did without complaint and I am glad she did as I think we got one of the best shots of the day from that fine minute session. A copy of the best image from that series is here on my website at In The Wind and Snow

Anyway back to the Cinderella theme which we started with Sami-C wearing an old Victorian Apron only and vintage maids cap, before switching to the bloomers and lacy blouse. I also had purchased a few old broomsticks from ebay before the shoot which worked perfectly with the overall theme. As always I used one off Camera Strobe to light Sami-C and underexposed the background to give a more mysterious look to the final images. I have included above my favourite image from the Cinderella theme.

I have now worked with Sami-C three times and we always seem to create great work together and I am looking forward to working with her again, though I have promised her a warmer day next time, so hopefully around June time.