Photoshoot Clover - 10th February 2013

It has been a busy weekend shooting Sapphire_Blue yesterday and Clover today, at the same time as being a great weekend working with two fantastic models.

Originally we had wanted to do this shoot out on location but on the day I decided we would switch to the studio basically because the weather was awful.

The original theme for the shoot was nude but with one item of clothing, jewellery being on. This theme I have worked with a few times in the past and I am sure I will revisit again in the future as it is inspired by Dahmane and his book ‘Dressed Nudes’ which I am a big fan of. For this shoot we decided to focus on an idea of Clover’s which was using a Crucifix.

I used my standard set-up in the studio of black paper background and single light to camera right, ensuring no light leaked onto the background.

We started with some nude shots of Clover holding and wearing the Crucifix and then keeping with the same theme added a fetish element with handcuffs, nipple clamps, collar etc.
We then moved onto a set of images incorporating a pair of white panties and handcuffs and from the image above you can see I went for a more abstract look in some of these images, which is not my normal style but I am really pleased how this come out.
Then to finish we incorporated a chain hanging from the studio ceiling and Clover wearing a Gas Mask and just working different poses.

All in all a typical Clover shoot, as in great fun to do and excellent images all done in a very relaxed and quick timescales due to the amount of times we have worked together in the past.

We have a date in the diary for April and already have a theme worked out for this shoot and I am very much looking forward to it, as expecting to create some great images on the day.