Book Beauty & Fetish in Dereliction published

Since starting photography back in 2005 I have always wanted to share my work through a book and at last I felt I had a body of work worth sharing in this media. I did not want to just publish a book which was a portfolio of my work but for it to have a constant theme running throughout. I came up with the Dereliction theme, as shooting in derelict buildings is now my preferred environment for photoshoots.

I am delighted to say the book is now available for you all to buy by clicking on the following link where a preview is also available.

Beauty & Fetish In Dereliction Book

I am delighted that Mark Marsay The Editor of ‘Jade the International Erotic Art and Literature Magazine’ has been kind enough to right the foreword for the book and can’t thank him enough for his support of my photographic endeavours.

I would like to thank my wife for her constant support and help regarding my photography as well as all the models I have worked with since I started. Everyone of them has helped me develop my artistic, creative and photographic skills, enabling me to produce a body of work I personally feel proud of.

I would also like to give special thanks to China Hamilton who I met back in 2009 whilst doing an interview with him for my degree course. Since then he became my mentor and has given me his unwavering time, support and advice. His sometimes harsh, but very constructive critism of my work, has made me view my images in a new light and enabled me to improve my photographic style to where it is today.

I hope you all buy and enjoy the book.