Jade Erotic Artist Of the Year 2012

I am delighted to have just been awarded the Jade Erotic Artist of 2012 award where I was presented with a trophy as in the image seen and a certificate with the following citation on it.

‘The recipient of this year’s award, photographer Tim Rosier, has continued to both expand his repertoire and develop his skills in recent years. With a keen artistic eye, he has created a style of high quality, sensual erotic photography which both pleases and excites the viewer. His most recent
exemplary ‘location work’, in which he features his models in both breathtaking natural and abandoned industrial settings, has served to secure him this award, one which we feel is justified not only by his on-going professionalism, but by his acute attention to detail and artistic eye in creating such a stunning portfolio of work.’

This award is in its fourth year and I feel very honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as the previous winners as in Robert Babylon, John Tisbury and Gregory Brown.
Since I started in photography just over 7 years ago I have strived to improve and create a style all of my own which people can recognise as a Tim Rosier image. This I feel has been now been achieved and recognised by others in the industry which makes this award a very proud achievement in my photographic career. Although this does not mean I can now stop as I will always continue to try and improve on my photographic skills. None of this I could have achieved without the unwavering support of my beautiful wife, friends and also some great coaching and critique from China Hamilton just when I needed it, which helped photography improve by leaps and bounds.
The full details of this years and previous years awards can be read at the following link
Jade Erotic Awards