Opportunities to be photographed

Delta Photography enjoys working with professional models and those with no experience and are always keen to hear other peoples ideas and input. We are not looking for stereotypical perfect bodies and faces etc. but prefer people who are real, with character.

We believe strongly it is not just a model/photographer role but a joint partnership of ideas.

To save disappointment, the following criteria need to be met -

You must of course be eighteen or over.

Delta Photography is based in the UK and you will need to travel to Hampshire.

At all times you will be treated professionally.

If you are interested please send some brief details and a few photographs that clearly show your face and body to the email on this web site. All enquires will be answered. Other questions and matters can be explored by correspondence.

Chaperones are welcome as long they don't mind waiting in another room and should you be in any doubt as to my character, I have literally dozens of people I can point you towards for references.